Frequently Asked Questions

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It is important to share this knowledge with all these volunteers who would go to different parts of the world and bring awareness about health, by finding places in the nature, where they can lead a very happy life, with organic farming, with leaving in houses made from natural fabrics and really feeling that one is part of this nature.

Our highly trained teachers are committed to helping you achieve your goals, whether it's improving your physical health, reducing stress and anxiety, or deepening your spiritual practice. We offer a variety of classes and workshops that cater to all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Go to the Enoll.php form and fill up the application form and submit, after some time our team will contact you soon.

During a yoga teacher training course (YTTC), you will gain a deep understanding of yoga philosophy, anatomy, teaching methodology, and practicum. Here are some of the things you can expect to learn during a typical 200-hour YTTC.

Direct WhatsApp or phone on this mentioned mobile number. +91 7895193708. Ensure you are directly contact to the Swami Atma Ji.

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Arsha Yoga Dham is a school which is integrates people together.Our vision is to bring peace and harmony in people’s lives.

Satsang on Bhakti Yoga & Jnana

Unique Program

Satsang is getting together of the like minded people to feel that we are all connected, we all belong to the same existence.

Satsang on Bhakti Yoga

In Bhakti Yoga, the practitioner sees the divine in everything and everyone, and seeks to express their devotion through prayer and worship.

Satsang on Jnana

In Jnana Yoga, the practitioner seeks to understand the nature of reality and the true self through self-inquiry and the study of scriptures.